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Child Car Seat Service

Want to travel with your toddler? You’ve come to the right place. We offer state of the art baby seat services for kids of all ages.

Car seats are intended to make transportation a lot comfortable and safer, particularly for our children. LAX VIP, as a transportation company provides everyone’s safety. LAX VIP provides three kinds of the baby car seat at a cost, Infant rear facing, convertible Toddler, and booster. However, we are not responsible for installing any car seats. The Passengers are fully responsible and liable to install the car seats for their children, due to safety matters and according to California Child Passenger Safety law.

Therefore, it is up to the parents to safely and adequately install the car seat and make sure it is appropriate for their child. Because children heights, weights, ages are all different, equally are the requirements among the various types and car seat makes, and motor vehicles.

NOTE:  We highly recommend to choose the “Meet and Greet Service” from the airport for an additional cost. With this option, you have enough time to walk to the parking with the driver to properly install and inspect the car seat. The main reason is that for Curbside pickup the allowed time for a commercial vehicle to pick up clients is very short, it will not be sufficient enough to install and inspect car-seats and you’ll be rushed.

Section 27360 – 27368 of the Vehicle Code of California

  • Children under the age of 8 must be secured in the back seat of the vehicle in an appropriate child passenger restraint system meeting applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. SR4K note: The RideSafer Travel Vest qualifies for children 3 and older.
    • If the child is less than two years of age the child shall be properly restrained in a rear-facing child restraint system in a rear seat of the vehicle, unless the child is more than 40 pounds or 40 inches. (Effective Jan. 1, 2017)
  • Children under the age of 8 who are 4′ 9″ or taller may be secured by a safety belt in the back seat.
  • Children who are 8 years and over shall be properly secured in an appropriate child passenger restraint system or safety belt.

Whether you have a toddler, an infant or kid, we guarantee nothing but safety and comfort. It is our duty and responsibility to get you from point A to Point Z in a cost-effective way without experiencing hitches with our services.

Unlike most yellow cabs that come without a baby seat service, we save you the hassle of coming along with your bulky baby seats and carrying them wherever you go. More importantly, we save you a great deal of time, placing this item into the seat and buckling it.Navigating the city traffic couldn’t be much easier when you have a professional driver with lots of experience under their belts.

We treat every passenger with courtesy and value the time they have with us.  we value their time and respect their schedule.

Yes, you can trust. We can guarantee early arrival. And more importantly, we can guarantee the safety of everybody in the car.

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