Child Car Seat Service

Want to travel with your toddler? You’ve come to the right place. We offer state of the art baby seat services for kids of all ages.

We do provide three kinds of baby car seat. Infant backward facing. Toddler and booster.

Backward facing



Whether you have a toddler, an infant or kid, we guarantee nothing but safety and comfort. It is our duty and responsibility to get you from point A to Point Z in a cost-effective way without experiencing hitches with our services.

Unlike most yellow cabs that come without a baby seat service, we save you the hassle of coming along with your bulky baby seats and carrying them wherever you go. More importantly, we save you a great deal of time, placing this item into the seat and buckling it.Navigating the city traffic couldn’t be much easier when you have a professional driver with lots of experience under their belts.

We treat every passenger with courtesy and value the time they have with us.  we value their time and respect their schedule.

Yes, you can trust. We can guarantee early arrival. And more importantly, we can guarantee the safety of everybody in the car.

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Our drivers understand and respect the family unit in the society. That’s why drive at a decent speed to keep everybody happy and safe from all uncertainties while avoiding traffic.

With our safe speed, everybody enjoys the ride and arrives at the desired destination safely and sound free. All of our baby seats are clean and hand-washed from our professional cleaners keeping your baby safe and free from germs. In other words, we understand how sensitive a baby’s skin can be. And we take pride to make sure that our car seat services get a deep wash to keep passengers happy and safe.We are there to ensure that your family trip is safe and enjoyable for every member of the family. With our chauffeur, each member of your family experiences utmost care and attention throughout the journey.

If you need anything along the way, just name it and we’ll be at your service. Don’t just take our word for it, try us today. Book us for your next family transport service, you won’t regret the experience and our Executive and luxury car service. We treat you with courtesy and value your time. More importantly, we respect your schedule.

When you want to get to that reunion, that birthday party or that picnic, every second count. The faster you get at the specified destination, the more you have the time to spend with those you love. Our chauffeur will do anything to make sure that every member of the family doesn’t miss the excitement and drama of the party. 

Never waste a  minute with a yellow cab, you can hire the right service and the right personnel to guarantee you nothing but exemplary services that keeps you coming for more. You’ve got every reason to try our services today because you’ve got nothing to lose. And it’s our duty to meet your needs and surpass your expectations with our state of the art transport services.

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