Considering the ever-swelling rate in which the terror named coronavirus is affecting the world at large, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to state that the world will be hit by an apocalypse if we do not do anything about it soon. Before we do our bit for society, it is very important to mend our ways first and get familiar with the dos and don’ts circumscribing COVID-19.

Presently, according to reports, gyms and airports are the two most risky places as far as increasing people’s susceptibility is concerned. Physicians are constantly advising individuals to wear masks and cleanse their hands with sanitizers before touching their face or eating food. Thus, in volatile situations like this, it is imperative to pay special attention to the cab that will transfer you from LAX to your preferred destination or pick you from the latter and drop you at the airport. Quite like airports, cab services have a limited number of taxis running under their label and regardless of how serious the conditions get, it will not be possible for them to send different cars to pick distinct customers each time. National and international labels of cab services especially witness this problem; owing to the fact that they are flooded with multiple bookings in a single minute, they inevitably fail to thoroughly disinfect the cars after each ride ends and then send it for the next booking. With your welfare at heart, in the following section, we will be laying down an elaborate LAX VIP transportation guide to safeguard yourself from the hazards of coronavirus.

·         As a responsible citizen, never take off your mask when traveling in a cab and make certain that you have washed your hands diligently before and after riding the taxi.

·         Always, always choose a local LAX VIP car service and there are mainly two reasons that support this assertion of ours. Firstly, because the car service operates locally, they are well-acquainted with an average number of customers that they are likely to receive from the airport in a day and correspondingly delineate a routine to clean the cars and eliminate every speck of leftover from the previous ride to open doors to a safe environment for the next client. Secondly, and most importantly, the VIP car service is accountable for the facilities they provide; besides confirming that there will be no scope for their customers to complain or raise suspicion while traveling in their cars, they also take full responsibility for the issues solicited and the feedbacks shared. Furthermore, before confirming the ride in one of their luxury cars, you can make a few special requests. If required and they will all be taken care of without you having to worry about them. 

·         The verity that you as a rider will not be on your own in the car and there has to be a chauffeur accompanying you us no brainer; nevertheless, most people can question the safety around them. You will be glad to know that the chauffeurs working for LAX VIP car service are well-informed and earnestly abide by the recommendations put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO).