The laxviptransport car service in Los Angeles offers excellent car deals at competitive prices. There are several options to pay the rent, such as unlimited mileage, per kilometer within certain limits, etc. This company offers great rates for weekend rentals, while some others only rent out weekdays. However, the rule that Best Luxury Car Service in Los Angeles is the three-day rental period. This tariff option only charges additional fees if it is more than 3 days, It also offers discounts for special offers.

lax car service

If you have a long trip to the airport or need to get up early, consider using the laX VIP car services Fly package. Get one night’s accommodation with one of our best-known and most popular LAX hotel partners. You can park your car for free during your trip and receive a free shuttle service to and fro the hotel and the airport.

The great advantage of Executive Luxurious Car Service, Los Angeles is that you can choose the car you prefer when exploring the exotic locations of Los Angeles. Laxviptransport gives you the freedom to choose your preferred Luxury car. There are different vehicle types to choose from. Hummer, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda, all types of luxury cars, sports cars are the most commonly offered.

Depending on the laX VIP car services, you will have to pay extra for one- way rental from Los Angeles, the so-called one-way fee. With this, the service providers cover the return costs for the vehicle. Some car rental companies, however, waive the levying of a one-way fee, for example, if you drive only from one state to another (e.g. From Nevada to California or vice versa).

Such additional costs are always included in some sites directly in the total price and displayed accordingly. With a look at the rental conditions, you can see how much the one-way charges, if any, are accurate.