There is nothing better than having a skilled chauffeured vehicle of your own in the busy, overactive city of Los Angeles, whether you are a local going to a meeting or an event, or you are a tourist who wants to get to know the city better. If you are hesitant about the benefits and usefulness of hiring a private transportation service, let us at LAX VIP tell you why it can be a valuable option to have in this 24/7 vast city of ours.

  • Forget about the stress: Everyone drives differently and not all are careful and thoughtful about the other people especially during the rush hour, or worse, the rainy weather that packs freeways are roads with cars coming from everywhere. Imagine you are trying to get to a meeting that you have prepared so much for, in the hope of leaving a good impression and closing the deal. Would you have had the same concentration level if you have spent the past hour driving through the bustling streets trying to make it on time? Would you spend a lot of time searching for a parking place where you can leave your car safely? Or would you rather spend the trip at the back of a luxurious, comfortable vehicle with your own experienced chauffeur navigating through the street of Los Angeles in the safest and fastest manner? Give yourself this time to relax or even prep yourself for what is coming your way, and let us help you make that big impression without any disturbances. It doesn’t even have to be a business-related meeting, you can have the same relaxed environment when going to work, or coming back home, or even to that weekend hike and outing with full energy and a wide smile on your face, prepared to enjoy it all with your loved ones. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, our roomy vehicles, navigated by an expert chauffeur who can whisk you through the traffic, skipping the challenges of the road when possible, can offer you this and much more with a single phone call. You can book an hourly service or a single drop off – whatever suits your needs and busy schedule, we are there to meet your expectations.
  • Arrive On Time Everywhere: 24 hours a day sometimes aren’t enough to cover your busy calendar and let you be as productive as you want to be. So why waste time on driving, hectic traffic, and searching for parking places that not always guarantee your safety for your vehicle. If being late isn’t in your agenda, book your own personal driver from LAX private car service and rest assured that you will arrive in time, if not even earlier, giving you time to prepare and leave a good impression of a responsible person. We guarantee you this because our team of drivers is highly experienced, trained and knowledgeable of all the routes that lead to your final destination. This way your chauffeur can avoid high traffic areas and get you to the assigned destination on time. Even if you are just coming home to your family from work. Why waste precious time in the rush hour when you can spend those hours with your children and husband/ wife, stress – free, having dinner by the TV. And while you are relaxing at the back of the vehicle you can do the work you didn’t have enough time to finish so you are done with your to-do list on time. If your activities involve going to an event, sports game or a party, instead of work or a business meeting, again, arriving on time and relaxed is very important in order to have a great time. Why would you have to drive home from a party, tired in the evening when you can have a skillful driver by your side, taking care of your safety and comfort? From alternate routes to safe practices that save you time and get you to your destination safely.
  • Highest Quality Service at Your Command: Highest quality service is what we offer at any time when you book a chauffeured vehicle with LAX luxury car transportation. Our well-maintained automobiles are always ready to take you on a comfortable trip and feel the luxury we have to offer you. But our service doesn’t stop at latest models or beautiful cars, comfort or luxury, we understand that safety is even more important when it comes to driving so to enable you a 5 star driving experience, we hire well – trained professionals who have lived in Los Angeles their whole life and know each street by heart. This way we are sure that they will navigate you through the hustle and bustle of this wonderful city and its surrounding areas in a safe and timely manner. After all, this is what we have done many years and we continue doing in the most efficient way, so it is no wonder we make returning passengers of all our new clients, and we’d be delighted to have you as one of them as well.
  • Elegance and Good Looks: Arriving on time and leaving a good impression doesn’t stop there. Arriving on time, being punctual wherever you go while looking elegant with one of our graceful automobiles and presentable, courteous chauffeurs will make you look superior and is something people will remember you by. Arriving at an elegant dinner party, an event or a meeting requires sharp, exquisite looks, and is what we can offer any time of the day, no matter where you are headed. With LAX black car service we treat you like a VIP and nothing less.
  • Privacy: We understand that privacy is crucial no matter where you go and who you spend your time with, so we will deliver exactly what you need. Just call LAX VIP for a professionally chauffeured vehicle and rest assured that privacy is guaranteed at all times. Whether prepping for an important business meeting or going or coming back from a party, if you need privacy, just turn to us, and we’ll deliver more than expected.
  • Budget-Friendly Car Service: Despite all these perks we offer compared to driving and navigating the city by yourself, having your own local car service will save you more money than expected. Just imagine the gas, the parking fees and restriction and the traffic congestion that you will encounter by driving longer destinations daily. Calculate the rental fees for the rent – a – car services, the insurance fees and everything else that is required, plus not to mention how time-consuming can all those processes be just adding unwanted stress when you have to make all those arrangements by yourself. On top of it all, you have to navigate through the city on your own, where getting lost, being unable to find the wanted address and not being able to find that parking space you really need, will put a lot of pressure and stress on you. You can avoid all these simply by giving us a call of booking one of our LAX VIP chauffeured vehicles.
  • Los Angeles Rain and Other Weather Troubles: Despite the long sunny days that California is known about, when the year gets closer to autumn and winter time, Los Angeles can experience a large number of wet drops that start pouring down on the streets bringing trouble along with them. This is the time of the year when everyone panics about being punctual and wants to avoid public transportation and uses their cars to get to their work/ school or home and it is even more hectic all day long, not just in the rush hour. While some panic and get anxious about everything in their way, be smart and choose LAX as your luxury car service here in the city of angels. Avoid the sticky, messy roads that haven’t seen enough rain throughout the year, so when they finally do, this occurrence brings out everything from horns honking, to road rage and erratic driving, to bad vision, and accidents. This is the time when you want to depend on a local car service more than anything. Our skilled drivers will get you in and out of the busy wet roads and traffic jams safely, and make sure that you get to where you are headed on time. Simply make a call and reserve your chauffeured automobile in advance.


  • No More Airport Hassle: When it comes to airports, the first thing we think is the waiting queues, the public transportation and the stops they make before your destination, the overpriced taxi drives and the crowds of tourists and strangers all waiting to get to the center of the city. Well, with LAX VIP private car service, airports no longer represent all this. Now you can enjoy your trips with a calm mind that out pick up and drop off service will always be there to welcome you in a comfortable environment, so relaxing that you can even take a nap and recharge your batteries for whatever is on your agenda next. We offer the door-to-door service which will have your chauffeur helping you with your luggage for your highest convenience. Our executive automobiles are efficient, comfortable, clean and luxurious and our team of skilled drivers will always know the safest and quickest way to take you to the LAX airport or to the other nearby airports of Los Angeles.

We know you are convinced by now, so give us a call to get information of our latest offers including the holiday’s car service or for any other day of the year.